Winners' breakfast

Breakfast is the first - and for many, the most important - meal of the day. In its essence, it means breaking fasting that started the evening before. We asked some athletes what they eat in the morning to prepare for a day full of demanding training. Their morning eating habits are not that different, but the structure of their breakfast depends on the demands of the day.

Sometimes it is just croissant with Nutella for Vetle

Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen, who anchored Norway's men relay team to a gold medal in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, likes his breakfast well balanced. He breaks with the routine when travelling.

"So, for breakfast I usually start with a bowl of cereals, yoghurt and fruit. Then one or to slices bread with scrambled egg. The amount depends on how long the coming training session is. When we are traveling we usually ad a croissant with Nutella. Like today in Seiser Alm :) But at home I don’t take time for this. To drink is one cup of coffee and a glass of juice the perfect addition to the food. With this mix I feel I get enough of everything. Some vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins 😄"

Still no coffee for Mari Eder

The 2021/2022 season was one of the most consistent in her long career, but despite being a veteran in the BMW IBU World Cup, Mari Eder still doesn't drink coffee. Not old enough, she says.

"Here is my breakfast foto: Porridge with cashew-nuts Bread + ham+cheese+tomato Boiled egg Fruits Water

No coffee, I haven't grown up yet 😜👶🏼"

Tommaso Giacomel looks for cinnamon in the morning

As one of the most promising young athletes in the BMW IBU World Cup, Tommaso Giacomel competed at his maiden Winter Games in Beijing 2022. He is very happy, if there is cinnamon in the house in the morning.

"I always eat yogurt with fresh fruit, muesli, dried fruit and cinnamon if we have it in house. Then some bread with honey and/or jams.. a glass of juice and a good cup of coffee😅"

Essential Belgian waffles for Thierry

After competing at his first-ever Winter Games in Beijing 2022, Thierry Langer still likes the smell of Belgium in the morning.

"In general it's cereals, bread with jam or honey 😉 Today with a very essential Belgian waffle."

Chloe Levins likes her oatmeals

American athlete Chloe Levins likes to finish her breakfast with a cappuccino. Or two.

"I usually eat oatmeal with banana and dried fruit muesli😋Then always a cappuccino (or two)😅😛"

Stina's luxury are fried eggs from Mama Nilsson's chicken

Former cross-country world champion and a better biathlete by the day, Stina Nilsson drinks coffee with chocolate milk. And loves fried eggs from the Nilsson family's chicken.

"I have never been a fan of oatmeal, so I go directly for the bread. And I usually have some soft cheese on, and lots of cucumber and pepper. Always some salt on the top! 🧂 Fried eggs from my mothers chickens is a true daily- luxury 😌 Coffee with the chocolate milk is a must!

Thats about it 😎🙌🏻"

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