Rule changes for 2022/2023

Following proposals from the Technical Committee, significant changes to the IBU’s Event and Competition Rules concerning the calculation of the World Cup Total Score were made by the IBU Executive Board Meeting earlier in June. The following rules will come into effect from the season 2022/2023 onwards:

• the IBU World Championships will no longer be included in the World Cup Total Score. Thus, there are no more World Cup points collected at World Championship events.

• there will be no more dropped results in the World Cup Total Score. Every competition in the World Cup will count toward the Total Score.

• the point system for the Total Score and the Discipline Scores will be adjusted to increase the value between the top results ensuring that if athletes are forced to miss a race due to sickness they will still have the possibility of being able to win the Crystal Globes. The winner is now scheduled to receive 90 points as opposed to 60 points.

• prize money for the BMW IBU World Cup and IBU Cup will be adjusted in a way to widen up the group of recipients in the first stage until 2024 and to increase the amount for top results in a second stage from 2024-26.

The BMW IBU World Cup 2022/2023 will kick into gear on 29 November in Kontiolahti, Finland.

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