This week in the Italian Alps offered awesome performances both in the shooting range and in the tracks. These four athletes showed what they are made of and so they deserved their spot in the Athlete of the Week vote.

Vebjoern Soerum was sent to the IBU Cup from the powerful Norwegian team but returned for the mass start on Sunday and took a podium spot. Vanessa Voigt took her first win in the Single Mixed Relay and didn't miss a target all weekend. Otto Invenius earned his way Mass Start slot through the short individual and scored his career-best with a Top 10 spot. Julia Simon showed her shooting accuracy and speed and took home the win in the women's mass start.

  • Vebjoern Soerum (NOR)

  • Vanessa Voigt (GER)

  • Otto Invenius (FIN)

  • Julia Simon (FRA)

You have until Monday, 22nd January, 18:00 CET to vote.

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