5 Burning Questions for Lisa Vittozzi

On Sunday, Italy’s Lisa Vittozzi became the second Italian Woman to claim the World Cup Total Score – 5 years after she narrowly lost out to Italy’s first Total Score winner: Dorothea Wierer. Coincidentally, she won the Big Crystal Globe by the same points she had to concede in 2019: 23.

During the Trophy Shoot in Canmore, we checked in with the Italian to get her first impression of this incredibly successful season with 5 rapid-fire questions:

“What is your favourite memory or day of this season?”

Today. The Total Score win, you know it was a lot of emotions today and I think I will remember it for a long time.

“This was an incredibly successful winter for you but what was your biggest challenge the past few months?”

I think the beginning of the season – when I won the first competition and after I was sick and I know I want to win the Total Score. It was hard to think about. I competed with the sickness and I think it was the worst moment of the season. All the other stages were good.

“What are you most excited to do when you get home?”

I think I will enjoy this season with my family, friends – all the people who cheered for me. Not just this year but all the years I have been in biathlon. It will be nice to share the moment.

“What has it been like finishing the season here in Canmore, quite far away from friends and family?”

It’s not a big problem. Even if we were in Norway – it would take a while until I get home 😊 One more day is not bad. After that I can go and see my family – and I celebrate here with the team.

“If you had to give 18-year-old Lisa any advice, what would it be?”

To pursue the dream and keep fighting even if life is not always easy. Especially in sports, it’s really hard but keep fighting and follow the dream.

Pictures: Manzoni/IBU

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