Greening our Events

Greening our Events

Biathlon venues and events are where the sport of biathlon takes place and is celebrated. Their planning and execution is where critical decisions about the impact of the sport on its external environment are taken. The management of resources within the context of a venue or an event begins with the control of the procurement process which is driven by the overall management approach. The amount of resources used, consumed or eventually converted into waste can be best managed by intervention when a procurement decision is made. Keys to resource reduction and optimisation are the development of a sustainable procurement process and management commitment.

In the Focus Area "Venue & Event" we want to improve:

  • Venue planning

  • Event sustainability practices

  • Technology

  • Procurement and supply chain management

  • Accommodation

  • Food & Beverage

  • Waste management

  • Travel and Transport

IBU OC Award for Excellence in Sustainability

An annual award for the Organising Committees hosting an event in the IBU World Cup, IBU Cup and IBU Junior Cup series, including the relevant Championships.

The inaugural winners of the IBU OC Award for Excellence in Sustainability 2021/2022 are:

Category IBU World Cup: OC Kontiolahti, Finland

Category IBU Cup / IBU Junior Cup: OC Arber-Bayerischer Wald, Germany

Both winning organising committees (OCs) received their sustainable Award trophies along with the winner’s cheques for €10’000 and €5’000, respectively, during a dinner at the IBU OC Meeting in Oberhof on 2nd July. Read more about the 2021/2022 Award ceremony here.

IBU OC Award for Sustainability ExcellenceIBU OC Sustainability Check List