Sport & Event

Sport & Event

Event and Competition Rules

IBU Events and Competition Rules (version 2023)Annexes to Event and Competition Rules (version 2023)

Deutsche Version

Veranstaltungs- und Wettkampfregeln (version 2023)Anhänge zu den Veranstaltungs- und Wettkampfregeln (version 2023)

Русская версия

Правила мероприятий и соревнований (версия 2023)Приложения к правилам мероприятий и соревнований (версия 2023)

Tracked changes to ECR

Changes to ECR after Congress 2022

Changes to ECR after Technical Committee #61

Changes to ECR after Technical Committee #62Changes to ECR after Technical Committee #63

Fluor Ban-related documents

Fluor test protocol for IBU Events Common waxing protocol for IBU events

IBU Fluor cleaning recommendations

Advertising Rules

IBU Advertising Rules 2022-2026

Event Brand Guides

IBU Event Brand Guide WCH & WC 2023IBU Event Brand Guide other Events 2023

Infection Prevention Guidelines, November 2023

Infection Prevention Guidelines, November 2023

IBU Energy Efficiency Guidelines

IBU Energy Efficiency Guidelines 2022

IBU Accreditation System Catalogue

IBU Accreditation System Catalogue 2023-2024

Membercenter Privacy Policy

IBU Membercenter Data Privacy Policy

Declaration of Obligations

IBU Declaration of Obligations for Athletes and Team Staff Members

IBU Declaration Appendix

Protest Form

Competition Protest and Appeal Form 2023

TD Report Form

IBU TD Report Form

IR Application Form

Application Form for the International Biathlon Referee Examination

Age Groups

Age Groups For Classes of Competitors

Athlete Privacy Note

Athlete Privacy Notice

Event Applications Deadlines

IBU Event Application Deadlines

Candidacies for the IBU WCH

Candidacies for the IBU World Championships Biathlon

OC Guidelines

OC Guidelines 2019

Stadium Licensing

Stadium A-License Form

Stadium B-License Form

A and B Licences Venues

Shooting Catalogue

IBU Exercise Catalogue for Biathlon Shooting

Fan Club registration