Regional Events: Final Five in the Books – Winter Season Officially Over

This winter, the biathlon world witnessed an impressive finish of Regional Events across Europe and North America, despite various challenges, with the last five events being successfully completed. A total of fifteen Regional Events stood out as shining examples of resilience, unity, and the undying spirit of the biathlon community. These events not only showed the sport's growing popularity but also its exceptional organizational standards, with the final five highlighting particularly significant achievements.

Baltic Biathlon Cup, Madona, Latvia (8-10 March 2024)

Bringing together over 160 athletes from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland, the Baltic Biathlon Cup in Madona was a celebration of Nordic cooperation and competitive spirit. It was praised for its organization, the growing number of participants each year, and the excellent conditions provided for both athletes and coaches. The event's success, marked by timely results and a strong organizing committee, underscored its importance to the region.

Full results of the Baltic Biathlon Cup

Arctic Winter Games, Anchorage, USA (9-15 March 2024)

A unique blend of traditional biathlon and snowshoe competition, the Arctic Winter Games welcomed around 50 participants from the USA and Canada. This year introduced a common wax protocol, which was fostering teamwork and efficiency among coaches and teams. The event's impact on Alaska's biathlon community was highlighted as a lasting legacy of the IBU Regional Events grant.

Full results of the Regional Event, Arctic Winter Games

Biathlon Alpen Cup, Pokljuka, Slovenia (15-17 March 2024)

Pokljuka's Regional Event in Slovenia stood out with a participation of over 260 athletes from 9 countries, offering a broad platform for competitive showcase to young athletes. The 3 day dynamic event was successful in terms of the number of participants, the number of participating countries and the execution of various types of competitions and common waxing protocol.

Full results of the Biathlon Alpen Cup

Regional Event and US Nationals, Fort Kent, USA (20-24 March 2024)

Fort Kent hosted a splendid Regional Event together with US Nationals under mid-winter conditions, made possible by extensive snowmaking. The participation of over 140 athletes from the USA and Canada was a testament to the event's excellence and the enduring appeal of biathlon in North America.

Full results of the Regional Event and US Nationals

Regional Event and Canadian Championships, Hinton, Alberta, Canada (27-31 March 2024)

In Hinton, Alberta, over 220 participants from Canada and the USA experienced "challenging but good" snow conditions thanks to a timely snowfall. The Regional Event with combination of Canadian Championships set a new participation record and was lauded for its sustainable wax control program, which significantly reduced the logistical and financial burdens on participating teams.

Full results of the Regional Event and Canadian Championships

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