The International Biathlon Union is excited to share that the winter season will be packed with action, as we guide 21 events from the 1st of December to the 1st of April. The IBU continues to support the growth of the regional events, reflected in the expansive calendar ahead.

Spanning 7 diverse regions and with the participation of 18 National Federations, this season promises to be another step forward for our expanding Biathlon family. Fans and athletes alike can look forward to competitions in some new venues.

The passion for biathlon has been visibly increasing each year, with a growing number of athletes joining the ranks. Our prime focus remains on youth and juniors, ensuring they have plenty of opportunities to show their potential and skills.

Our mission, in line with "Target26", is to enlarge the visibility of both events and athletes globally. The goal is to lay down a roadmap for the sustainable development of regional IBU events, ensuring that biathlon's growth continues. By supporting National Federations in rolling out high-quality international competitions, we aim to fill existing gaps in participation pathways and foster international collaboration. Furthermore, these events are not just about competition; they're about popularizing biathlon, supporting the upkeep and creation of local facilities, and energizing biathlon federations, associations, and clubs to promote the sport among the youth. The goal is to unlock more resources, funding, and enthusiasm for biathlon.

For a detailed look at the upcoming winter events, click here.

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