IBU COACH EDUCATION: Coaches receive First Level Course Certificates in Jakuszyce (POL)

In Jakuszyce, Poland, the IBU concluded its First Level Course for the 2023/24 season. 18 aspiring coaches received their well-deserved certificates, marking the completion of the course and a step forward in their journey as biathlon coaches.

The last of in total 3 weeks included a comprehensive schedule covering key topics relevant to biathlon coaching. Jakuszyce, with its comprehensive facilities, proved to be an excellent location for this Coach Education Course. The Organizing Committee (OC) offered excellent support, and the venue provided everything needed for an immersive learning experience in one place. The lectures and sessions were led by experienced educators and lecturers including Dr. Kornelius Kraus, Dr. Zuzanna Wałach-Biśta, Tom Kastner, Matthias Ahrens, Knut Kuvas Brevik, Judith Haudum, Tomasz Bernat, Adam Kwak, Prof. Cornelia Blank, Lucie Rothauer, Theresa Heinsinger, and Rafal Lepel. Their expertise and passion for biathlon were evident as they guided the coaches through the intensive program. Each educator brought a unique perspective to the table, enriching the learning experience with a diverse range of insights and teaching methodologies.

The IBU Coach Education program aims to improve the standards of biathlon coaching across the globe. By providing coaches with the knowledge, skills, and certification needed to excel, the program ensures the continuous development and promotion of the sport. The First Level Course in Jakuszyce was a significant educational highlight for the participants and a testament to IBU's commitment to fostering a strong foundation for the future of biathlon coaching.

As the coaches returned to their respective countries, they brought with them not only their certificates but also a wealth of knowledge and new connections. The week in Jakuszyce was a great reminder of the power of education and collaboration to push the boundaries of what is possible in biathlon coaching and set a high bar for future cycles of the IBU Coach Education Program.

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