IBU Academy presents another batch of high quality education

The IBU Academy is preparing for an informative September with a series of webinars and seminars tailored to elevate the expertise of coaches, athletes, and technicians. The upcoming events promise to provide valuable insights, ensuring a deeper understanding of crucial topics ranging from recovery techniques, to creating a positive culture of training and navigating technical changes.

IBU Coach Webinar: Recovery

6 September 2023 from 2:00 – 4:45 PM (CET)

The IBU Coach Webinar is focusing on recovery strategies for elite athletes. Dr. Anne Hecksteden from the University of Innsbruck is a specialist in recovery management within elite sports, and she will provide insights into effectively managing recovery for elite athletes. Joining her is physiotherapist Frank Rizzo, who will share his expertise on post-competition recovery from a team physio's perspective. Dr. Claudia Reardon, an expert in sports psychiatry from the University of Wisconsin, will outline the power of mental strategies in recovery. Dr. Kerstin Hödlmoser will underline the vital role of sleep in the recovery process. Drawing from her expertise in Sports Psychology, she will explain how sleep and recovery are closely connected.

IBU Athlete Webinar: Culture of Training

14 September 2023 from 1:00 – 2:30 PM (CET)

The IBU Athlete Webinar is focusing on the Culture of Training. Marie-Laure Brunet, a former French biathlete, who overcame mental health challenges during her career, is now an advocate as a mental health coach. She will be sharing her personal experiences and providing insights into preventing mental health issues. Jacques Jefferies, a French biathlete, will offer insights gleaned from a mental health survey conducted among athletes. Sverre Olsbu Røiseland, the national team coach for the German women’s biathlon team, will share his experiences in creating a positive and inclusive culture of training. The Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) and Allison Forsyth, a safeguarding expert, and former Canadian alpine skier, will also contribute their expertise to prevent harassment and abuse. Allison Forsyth, who herself endured sexual abuse within the sports system, has become a driving force for change, advocating for a safe environment.

IBU Technician Seminar: Fluor ban

19-21 September 2023, Rif/Salzburg, AUSTRIA

The IBU Technician Seminar is set to address a groundbreaking change in the biathlon world – the full fluor ban. Leading experts, team technicians, and wax producers will provide insightful presentations, moderate open discussions, and conduct workshops that address the implementation of the fluor ban. Throughout the seminar, participants will receive in-depth education, gain hands-on experience with the testing device, acquire insights into fluor and ski wax production, and explore various proposals and ideas for fluor-free products. Head technicians will share their insights, the ski test protocol for IBU competitions will be explained, and cleaning recommendations will be provided. Furthermore, the seminar will introduce the common waxing procedure, which will be implemented at all IBU Junior competitions and Regional Events.

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