Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet

The theme of Earth Day 2022 is "Invest In Our Planet" - but how do you actually do that? We are looking at two different examples in the biathlon family - one from IBU Sustainability Ambassador Mirlene Piccin and the other from World Cup Title Sponsor BMW.

Piccin's podium power

Making a positive impact on the environment has been a long-time passion and project for Mirlene Piccin, Brazilian Biathlete and IBU Sustainability Ambassador. The 41-year-old from Mogi Mirim has been "collecting" trees for her Podium Verde project for over 7 years now, with reforestation being the main focus.

"For me, it was never just about sports, about starts and finishes, but what I could do for myself and others through sport. I want to use my image, my voice and the life model of an endurance athlete linked to nature to inspire and motivate groups and people, in search of their goals, ideas and a better world to live in taking care of our home, our planet. With the Podium Verde reforestation project in Brazil, since 2015, I hope to plant my seed for the future."

Piccin participates in numerous endurance competitions when she is not training on skis, adding trees for every podium position she achieves. For Earth Day 2022, she presented her project on the IBU Instagram Stories - to stay up-to-date with her Podium Verde project, follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

An Electric March in Scandinavia

5,500km. In March. From Central Europe to Scandinavia and back. Munich-Kontiolahti-Otepää-Oslo-Munich is a long trip.

TOKO's Thorsten Thrän tested the BMW iX xDrive50 for the final three World Cups in March and found that the electronic engine made for a more than adequate alternative to fuel.

Of course, factors like "how long until the next charging station?" and "how long do I have to charge?" played into the equation but Thrän's March travels showed: e-mobility is making rapid steps to becoming a viable but more importantly, climate-friendly solution - also for long trips across Europe!

Along with it comes a documentary video with spectacular views.

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