Favourite Post-Season Food

After four months of strictly structured and disciplined life during the season, the athletes have time to take a step back and relax - including some comfort food that nourishes the soul. Training season starts again in May/June, but some additional indulging is one of the off-season perks.

20CC Otto

Is Coca-Cola a food? It depends on how you look at it, thinks Otto Invenius. Twenty cans a week sounds like a lot. Not for Otto, though. He sees it rather philosophically:

”For sure, Coca Cola even though it is not really a food. 😂 Last week I drank around 20 cans 🫢 When the sun is shining I get thirsty… If we talk about food, then pizza. I have been in the mood for that all the time after the season 😩🍕 Maybe some inner Italian in me has gotten loose 🤌🏼🇮🇹”

Pizza ticks all the boxes

Chloe Levins loves everything that pizza stands for. Italians would agree with her explanation.

”The meal I craved and also ate the most this off-season was pizza because it’s 1) versatile, 2) easy to make, 3) available everywhere, 4) (and most importantly) delicious.”

Post-season treats for Marketa

Marketa Davidova is all about the post-season treats in the Spring. That includes pizza that she prepares at home. ”I have a lot of post-season treats 😄 like, almost everything I eat during springtime is my post-season treat 😄 But I would say pizza🙂 I also like to do homemade pizza😄”

All-in for Perrot on the streets of New York

If you do something, do it in a grande style. Eric Perrot went all-in on the streets of New York, testing one fast food delicacy after the other. ”The off-season is open, and everything is now allowed. So I especially like to enjoy good food. I went to New York on vacation: it’s a great place to do a lot of big American fast-made meals 😋”

Training together and sharing a donut

Lea Meier and Anna Gandler became close friends during their time at the IBU Junior Cup. They like to train and share life's sweetest moments together. Lea explains:

”I looove donuts. They make me think of Anna Gandler. When I visit her in Innsbruck we train together and eat a donut (or two) as a reward. 😊”

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