A date with coffee

We are not in great shape, but we want to do a lot of stuff. We didn't get a good night's sleep. We are not overly enthusiastic about the day ahead. Coffee, one of the most ancient brews - legend has it that it originated in the small village of Kaffa in Ethiopia during the 9th Century - is today widely considered to be a powerful superfood. Each cup holds the promise to make a person healthier and even happier. We asked some of our athletes where they take the first cup in the morning for an energising boost for a new day.

Ingrid drinks coffee while inhaling oats

Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold - seen having morning coffee with her teammates at the training camp - founded very Ingrid-like combination of drinking coffee while savouring her oats: ”Hahaha! I have never ever in my life been so early out for training that I have the time to stop at a coffee house on the way I wish! I'm drinking it while I'm inhaling my oats at home.”

Vanessa's unbeatable combination

Vanessa Hinz found her favourite coffee house close to her home. Apart from her morning cup, she sometimes opts for even more exciting combination.

"My favourite coffee house is Das Marktcafe. It is located nearby my hometown Schliersee at Miesbach. Dream combination? Coffee, ice cream and cake. What else do you need?”

His own Barista Jakub

Jakub Stvrtecky loves the smell of the coffee and the thrill of making it so much that he makes it at home. He is a barista in the making!

”Honestly, my favourite spot for a morning coffee is my kitchen, where I have a coffee machine. So yes, my favourite coffee house is my house, where I can make you any coffee you want!”

Two, three or more for Erika

Erika Janka needs coffee, lots of coffee, from her favourite Moomin cup.

”My mornings start at home with making a cup of coffee before I do anything else. I drink my coffee black of course. And at home always from a Moomin cup. On the training or competition morning I will drink 2,5 cups and on rest days at least three.”

For the curious: The Moomins are the central characters in a series of Moomin books and a Moomintroll comic strip by Tove Jansson. The adventurous Moomin family lives in their house in Moominvalley. They learn about life through many adventures with their various friends. There is, of course, a Moomin coffee and Moomin cups.

Photo: Athletes' archives

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