Technical Committee Meeting Munich 2022

The newly elected Technical Committee held its annual meeting in Munich, followed by the Technical Delegate Seminar, where the most pressing topics for the upcoming winter and beyond were discussed.

The key takeaways:

- Elections for the TC Chairman: Christophe Vassallo was unanimously re-elected.

- Working groups focused on the digitalisation of referee education and on the review of the competition series.

- The IBU President, Secretary General, Sport Director, and Race Directors presented their reports; the attendees then discussed the World Cup calendar for the 2023/2024 season, as well as proposals for the IBU Cup and Junior Cup calendars 2024-2026.

- Minor adjustments and additions for the IBU ECR were submitted; most of them were approved by the Committee.

- Regarding the Fluor ban, the setup for the season 2022/2023 was presented: it aims to further develop the test device. In addition, it was decided to test common waxing for all teams at the Junior Cup in Haanja (EST). A detailed plan will be developed and communicated in the upcoming weeks.

- Summer biathlon/Street biathlon: the topic was actively discussed. Before further detailed sport-technical discussions, the EB must decide on the general long-term vision for the summer biathlon. Further input from the coaching side will be collected during the season.

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