About Whereabouts

Experience has shown that out-of-competition testing is crucial to the fight against doping, in particular because some prohibited substances and methods are detectable only for a limited period of time in an athlete’s body while maintaining a performance-enhancing effect. That is why Whereabouts are one of the most powerful means of doping deterrence and detection, because they enable out-of-competition doping controls to be conducted without notice to athletes.

The only way to perform such testing is by knowing where athletes are, and the only way to make it efficient is to be able to test athletes at times at which cheats are most likely to use prohibited substances and methods.

So athletes that are in the Registered Testing Pool of either the IBU or their own NADO must file their whereabouts on time every quarter, and be at the right place for the 60-minute time slot.

It is recommended that athletes file their own whereabouts. Even if someone else, like the athlete’s coach or an agent does it for them, the responsibility still rests with the athlete.

Elite athletes are an example for others and it is important that they demonstrate their commitment to clean and fair sport by following these practices.

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