IBU Development Project Support for 2024/2025

The International Biathlon Union is pleased to announce its support for 117 development projects out of 143 applications submitted by 39 member federations for the 2024/2025 season. The total funding for these projects amounts to 1,600,000 EUR, reflecting the IBU's strong commitment to promoting and developing biathlon worldwide.

The most popular projects receiving support include National Federations’ Partnership Projects, with 31 initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration between different biathlon organizations. Additionally, 26 projects focus on the identification and training of youth and junior athletes, ensuring a robust pipeline of talent for the future. There are 21 projects dedicated to the popularization of biathlon among kids and youths, and an equal number of initiatives promoting gender equality within the sport. 17 projects are aimed at involving athletes in biathlon after their competitive careers have ended, highlighting the IBU’s commitment to career sustainability for athletes.

Furthermore, the IBU Executive Board has approved three customized development projects from the National Federations of France, Sweden, and Norway, recognizing the unique contributions these federations bring to the biathlon community.

The support from the IBU is structured into three main areas: participation, performance, and development. Participation support includes funding based on the number of athletes participating in the World Cup, IBU Cup, and Junior Cup, as well as event participation contributions to support federations traveling overseas. Performance support is divided into the Team Performance Bonus, which is allocated based on the total scores in various cups, and the Reach Performance Bonus, which is split between rights holders for IBU events and digital reach.

The development support focuses on building the capacity of national federations to better regulate, promote, and develop biathlon. Key objectives include increasing activity by member federations, promoting gender equality, sustainability, and good governance. Specific targets for development projects include the identification and training of youth and junior athletes, providing biathlon expert support, improving training venues, encouraging national federation partnerships, and fostering sustainable business development. Customized development projects are also a significant part of this support, contributing to the diverse needs of biathlon stakeholders.

The IBU’s comprehensive support for these projects underscores its dedication to the sport’s future growth and sustainability. By funding these initiatives, the IBU aims to build a stronger, more inclusive biathlon community that promotes excellence at every level.

Development Project case studies can be found here

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