Development Programmes

Development Programmes

The project is dedicated to the development of National Federations (NFs) and aims to support them with practical and theoretical knowledge and training through the organisation of training camps, which are delivered with the assistance of IBU experienced Coaches.

In order to be able to participate in the programme, NFs must prove that they have a stable federation structure and that they conduct national biathlon championships.
The camps can be attended by athletes aged 15 to 23.
The project is supported by the IOC IF development programme.


The IBU as a responsible federation, through the IBU IOC training camps, supports developing NFs with practical and theoretical knowledge about sport and biathlon theory and practical training letting the Athletes and Coaches improve their skills and competence for future participating at the international level competitions.

The main objectives are:

  1. Promotion of human resources in the host country
  2. Follow-up to previous Oceanic, South American, Asian and European biathlon federation seminars for coaches and athletes
  3. Promotion of diversity and gender equality in sport
  4. Promotion of youth participation in biathlon
  5. Maintenance and improvment of the structure of the international training camps, taking into consideration the option of changing the hosting venue (mid-term planning) in some regions every other year to include more NFs in total
  6. Providing IBU-IOC assistance for national guidance and legacy in the respective hosting countries on the targeted continents
  7. Providing a combination of theory and practice in biathlon sport coaching as well as delivering organizational skills and guidance

6 Camps are organised every year:

Camp 1 (South America or Oceania)
Camp 2 (Central Asia or East Asia)
Camp 3 (Eastern Europe)
Camp 4 (Central Europe or Northern Europe)
Camp 5 (Overall Winter Camp)
Camp 6 (Junior Cup Camp)

Due to the difficult and unpredictable situation with COVID-19 this year and different travel possibilities in each country, we decided to organize the IBU-IOC Camps 2020 as an online version to limit health risks for coaches and athletes.

This years´ IBU-IOC Virtual Camps 2020, organized between 19. October and 29. November 2020, will cover three weeks of online sessions focused on the development of coaches and athletes. During this unique educational experience in small regional groups, coaches will learn and broaden their knowledge in the principles of training planning while working with athletes on the national level.

More details about the Virtual Camps can be found in the official invitation below:

For more information contact:
IBU Development Project Coordinator
Theresa Jost

Development Programmes

The IBU provides material support for all developing NFs members through cooperation with the IBU's supplying partners. Each year biathlon equipment needed to develop biathlon on a national level, like skis, ski boots, bindings, poles, ammunition, rifles parts, scopes, ski uniforms, gloves waxes, roller skis and many other items are delivered.
The distribution is based on the wish list provided by NFs and is made in December.

For more information contact:
IBU Development Project Coordinator
Theresa Jost

Development Programmes

The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organise assistance for all the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), particularly those with the greatest needs, through multi-faceted programmes prioritising athlete development, training of coaches and sports administrators, and promoting the Olympic ideals (Olympic Charter, rule 5).

Olympic Solidarity helps the NOCs to develop their own structures through relevant and targeted programmes, which enables them not only to consolidate their place and role within the Olympic Movement in general and within their own national structures, but also to increase their autonomy and independence.

Olympic Solidarity works closely with the International Federations (IFs) whose sports are on the Olympic programme, the IOC Commissions, and several other Olympic Movement partners in order to develop and offer high-quality programmes to all NOCs, particularly those with the greatest needs. For the 2017-2020 plan, the World Programmes are aimed primarily at increasing assistance for athletes and supporting NOCs in efforts to protect clean athletes, reinforcing NOC structure, continuing to support coach and sports administrators education and development, and promoting the Olympic Agenda 2020. For more information

Here is a brief overview of the Olympic Solidarity programmes that are important for biathlon NFs:

1. Athletes

a. Olympic Scholarships for Athletes
This programme is operated in the 2 years before the Olympic Games.
Information & application forms will be available from your NOC.

b. Youth Olympic Games
The programme provides Athlete Scholarships for young athletes who have the potential to qualify for and participate in the Youth Olympic Winter Games.
The programme is also for athletes identified by their NOC to benefit from the universality places.
In this programme, there are also Individual Training Grants available for young athletes focused on the preparation for the Youth Olympic Games.
Information and application forms are available from your NOC.

2. Coaches

a. Technical courses for coaches
This is the same successful programme as in previous years.
National Federations can apply now for technical courses for coaches yearly with their National Olympic Committee.
Information & application forms are already available from your NOC.

b. Olympic Scholarships for coaches
This programme supports recognised coaches to access high-level further education and here Olympic Solidarity is especially targeting the promotion of women in sport.
Olympic Solidarity will, in principle, allocate only ONE Olympic Scholarship per year per NOC.
Information and application forms are available from your NOC.

3. Development of National Sports Structure

NFs can get an international expert for 3 – 6 months into the country and be part of your programme.
Olympic Solidarity accepts only ONE request per year per NOC.
Information and application forms are available from your NOC.

National Federations should request information from their NOCs.

For assistance contact:
IBU Development Director
Dr. Dagmara Gerasimuk