Journal of Biathlon Coaching released

We are proud to announce the launch of the first issue of the Journal of Biathlon Coaching, a biannual publication that unites a collection of esteemed coaches and academic experts from the biathlon world. This edition features insightful articles by renowned coaches like Siegfried Mazet and includes contributions from various academic experts.

The journal´s primary goal is to blend academic research with practical coaching strategies, thereby enhancing the quality of biathlon coaching. We aim to highlight the importance of continuous learning and innovation in coaching practices. The first edition proudly showcases the expertise of Siegfried Mazet, a name synonymous with success in biathlon coaching. His insights on race preparation and athlete management are invaluable for coaches at all levels.

Underlining the significance of this journal, IBU Development Director Dagmara Gerasimuk states:

“As an integral component of the IBU Academy, this journal serves as a hub for coaches, researchers, and practitioners to exchange insights, innovations, and best practices.”

What you will find in this issue:

  • Shooting: James Becker and Tim Cobb focus on shooting technique and the role of core stability in biathlon shooting.

  • Nutrition: Judith Haudum explores the best nutrition for biathletes and the importance of proper fueling on competition days.

  • Interview: Norwegian´s Head Coach Siegfried Mazet shares his insights on race preparation.

  • Recovery: Kerstin Hödlmoser discusses the significance of sleep for mental and physical performance.

  • Skiing: Thomas Losnegard examines skiing technique and highlights pacing patterns in biathlon sprints.

  • Psychology: Amelie Heinrich highlights the mental preparation for competitions.

Each article in the journal addresses a unique aspect of biathlon, from race preparation to recovery, offering a comprehensive guide for coaches and athletes alike.

Access the first issue of the Journal here: Journal of Biathlon Coaching Issue 1 - January 2024

We are already looking forward to the second edition, scheduled for release in July 2024, promising more enriching content for our biathlon family.

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