IBU's Inspiring Kids & Youth Recruitment Forum in Oestersund

The International Biathlon Union organized the Kids & Youth Recruitment Forum in Oestersund (SWE) as part of the IBU's Biathlon4All project. This important event aims to increase the growth and participation of biathlon among young athletes. The forum was made in collaboration with Mid Sweden University and the National Federation of Sweden. It welcomed 50 participants from 34 National Federations.

The event focused on global feedback sessions and presentations of first-year project outcomes from NF Project coordinators. This provided a valuable platform for sharing experiences and discussing the progress of the Biathlon4All project.

Key Focus Areas

The forum covered several key areas essential to the development of young biathletes:

  • Talent Identification and Development: Prof. Per Göran Fahlström from Linnaeus University in Sweden shared insights on how to effectively identify and nurture young talent.

  • Sustainable Training and Coaching: Martina Höök from Mid Sweden University emphasized the importance of sustainable practices in training and coaching youth athletes.

  • Best Practices for Recruitment and Development: Participants shared successful strategies for recruiting and developing young athletes in their respective countries.

Innovative Presentations and Workshops

The forum also featured presentations on the latest advancements in biathlon equipment and technology:

  • Laser Optics Rifles: Demonstrations of laser optics rifles at the Oestersund Biathlon Stadium were provided by IBU supplying partners EcoAims, Larsen, Anschütz, and Kiwi Precision. These presentations highlighted the importance of safe and effective training tools for young athletes.

  • Digital Channels for Promotion: There were engaging discussions on how to use digital channels effectively for promotional and marketing purposes.

  • Rifle Specifications Workshops: Workshops were held to discuss the specifications of rifles used in different kids' categories, ensuring they are suitable and safe for young biathletes.

A Collaborative and Informative Event

Overall, the forum was a collaborative and informative event aimed at growing the sport of biathlon for future generations. Participants left with new insights, practical knowledge, and a stronger sense of community within the biathlon family.

IBU Development Director Dagmara Gerasimuk shared her thoughts on the successful event:

The global feedback session for the first season of Biathlon4All brought together 34 NFs and four leading industry partners with a focus on recruiting kids and youth. The session included hands-on rifle testing, experience exchange, and brainstorming for future project development, with the goal of fostering unity and growing the sport for future generations.

The IBU remains committed to fostering the growth of biathlon and ensuring that young athletes have the resources and support they need to succeed. Stay tuned for more updates on the Biathlon4All project and other exciting initiatives from the IBU.

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