IBU Congress to decide on continued suspension of Russian and Belarusian National Federations

The IBU Executive Board has decided to recommend to the IBU Congress to maintain the suspension of the RBU’s and BiFB’s membership of the IBU until certain conditions are met. The Executive Board is also seeking confirmation by the IBU Congress for its earlier decision that Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials will continue to not be allowed to compete in international events until further notice to protect athlete safety and the integrity of the IBU competitions.

The two motions will be presented to the IBU Congress, which is held in Salzburg, 15-18 September 2022, for approval. According to the IBU Constitution, a suspension of a member National Federation by the Executive Board applies until the next Congress and needs to be reviewed by the membership.

The IBU Executive Board’s motion proposes that the RBU’s and BiFB’s membership will be suspended until they demonstrate their full commitment to support and promote the purposes and principles of the IBU, for example clearly distancing themselves from the war in Ukraine and ensuring that none of their officials or athletes are actively involved in the Russian military and/or take any part in the war effort.

The IBU Executive Board will monitor the implementation of the conditions above and may provisionally lift the suspension imposed until the next Congress, if it considers in its absolute discretion that the above-mentioned conditions have been fulfilled.

The RBU and BiFB are asked to respond to the motions and will have the right to be heard at the IBU Congress.

The IBU Congress will also vote on a proposed amendment to the Constitution which in the case of exceptional events or circumstances outside of the IBU’s control, will grant the Executive Board the authority to impose exceptional protective measures aimed at preserving the safe, peaceful and regular conduct of the IBU’s activities. Such protective measures could be issued irrespective of any violations by the concerned parties of their respective specific obligations under the IBU Constitution or other IBU regulations.

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