Introducing the IBU Regional Events Report 2022/2023 - a season that saw a significant increase in the visibility of events and athletes across the world. The program's mission is to achieve Target26 by establishing a sustainable strategy focused on developing biathlon. The objectives include addressing gaps in participation pathways, supporting NFs in using local facilities to promote biathlon, and increasing the activity and effectiveness of biathlon federations in promoting the sport of children and youth.

Over the course of the season, IBU supported 34 events, including 12 summer and 22 winter regional events. Despite one summer event and two winter events being cancelled, the remaining 31 events saw a total of 4100 young athletes from 34 countries participate. Additionally, over 1200 volunteers and 680 referees contributed to the success of the events, with a significant number being women.

Overall, the IBU Regional Events program continues to make strides in developing biathlon and creating opportunities for young athletes worldwide. We look forward to seeing the program's continued growth and success in the coming years.

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