IBU-IOC Summer Camp Ruhpolding 2023

Intense training and valuable camaraderie at the 2023 IBU-IOC Summer Camp from June 2 to June 11 in Ruhpolding, Germany. Last week marked the conclusion of this year's IBU-IOC Summer Camp, hosted by the International Biathlon Union (IBU). 31 athletes and 16 coaches from 16 different national federations came together for eight days of comprehensive training and skill-building.

The main focus of the camp was to build solid foundations in shooting and skiing, preparing the athletes optimally for the rest of the training season. In addition, the camp served as an educational platform for coaches, aiming to enhance training conditions within national federations.

Under the supervision of Matthias Ahrens (Germany) and Martina Seidl (formerly Zellner) (Germany) and the support of five experts – Thomas Wünn, Walter Hörl, Gerold Sattlecker, Judith Haudum and Tobias Reiter – participants had the opportunity to refine their skills in areas such as shooting, rifle care, skiing technique and nutrition.

Isabella Moon (AUS) Camp participant said:

What I enjoyed most about this camp was meeting new people from different countries, meeting all the new trainers, and learning techniques and exercises that I can incorporate into my training in Australia.

A special highlight was the involvement of former biathlete Julian Eberhard from the Austrian Ski Federation who joined the second half of the camp assisting the IBU Head Coaches. As the Athlete Role Model, he not only shared his experiences and insights from his time as a junior athlete, but also spoke about his role as IBU Athlete Ambassador for Integrity.

The camp was not all hard work and no play. One afternoon was dedicated to a fun-filled rafting activity, allowing the athletes and coaches to relax and bond outside the training environment. On the final training day, a single-mix competition was organized, followed by a ceremony and a lovely dinner at Chiemgau Arena's Zirnbergalm in the evening.

Single-Mix Relay Ruhpolding 2023

This year's IBU-IOC Summer Camp was once again a testament to the importance of skill enhancement, professional development, and the spirit of sportsmanship in the world of biathlon. As the athletes and coaches return to their respective countries, they carry with them the lessons learned, friendships formed, and the drive to strive for excellence in the sport they love.

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