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The International Biathlon Union Academy recently hosted the inaugural edition of its "Educators Education" initiative. This initiative demonstrates the Academy's dedication to training and incorporating a new cohort of IBU Educators. The reason behind this effort is to continuously enhance the quality and breadth of our courses, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the biathlon community and contribute to the sport's future growth.

An IBU Educator plays a critical role in the advancement of biathlon coaching. As an ambassador for the IBU Academy, an educator teaches, evaluates, mentors, and supports biathlon coaches, helping to improve their knowledge and skills. They serve at various professional levels, from grassroots to high-performance sports, to assist the global biathlon family. The "Educators Education" initiative was designed to present the coach education concept to these newly recruited IBU Educators. It aims to prepare them to effectively support the development of coaches across various levels of the IBU Coach Education program.

In addition to introducing the educators to the established curriculum, the sessions provided a platform for dialogue and innovation. This allowed educators to discuss and develop new concepts to further improve the quality of the courses.The initiative brought together a team of high-level coaches, each boasting vast experience in the field of biathlon:

Wolfgang Pichler - Jonne Kähkonnen - Matthias Ahrens - Knut Kuvas Brevik - Jonas Johansson - Martina Seidl - Armin Kasslatter - Tobias Reiter - Rafal Lepel - Walter Gapp -Ilario Madalin - Walter Hörl

Their collective expertise and insights were instrumental in ensuring a successful and highly beneficial first edition of the "Educators Education" initiative.

Through efforts like these, the IBU Academy continues to foster excellence in biathlon coaching, contributing to the advancement of the sport at all levels. Stay tuned for more updates from the IBU Academy as we continue our mission of supporting the growth and development of biathlon worldwide.

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