IBU Coach Webinar

More than 130 participants amongst 350 registered coaches and sports directors listened to eight presentations of the IBU Coach Webinar 21-23 September 2021. Experts in sports science and experienced coaches discussed the specificities in training with female athletes and preparation of young biathletes as well as talent identification.

Expert´s contribution – Day 1

Dr. Johanna Ihalainen highlighted the importance of healthy female athletes and focused on topics like energy availability, body composition, and menstrual cycle.

Dr. Guro Strøm Solli presented the long-term development of the most successful Winter Olympia, Margit Björgen. In this relation, also pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and health-related issues were discussed.

Expert´s contribution – Day 2

Three well-known biathlon coaches shared their experiences with the audience. Ondrej Rybar, the sports director and head coach of the Czech Biathlon Team, highlighted the relevance of a good climate in the team and stated that training in men and women is mostly similar.

Sandra Flunger, coach of the Swiss Ladies Team, informed the listeners about her experience concerning nutrition, menstrual cycle, athlete´s pregnancy and gave some general advice for training with female athletes.

Finnland´s head coach Jonne Kähkönen gave important insights into his training philosophy with women. Kähkönen also focused on training volume, exercise intensity, and body composition in regards to female biathletes.

Expert´s contribution – Day 3

Knut Kuvås Brevik reported about talent identification and youth training in Norway. Brevik underlined the relevance of individualization, health, gender differences, training culture, and athlete´s background.

Ronny Fudel introduced the German philosophy on talent identification and technique analysis in Nordic skiing. Fudel gave insight into typical mistakes in the athlete´s skiing technique and exercises to react to these issues.

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Blank described new perspectives on doping prevention and the role of coaches when supporting their athletes in regards to self-reflection, social competencies, and transparency.

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