IBU Coach Webinar: Mastering Skiing Technique

On the 26th of June, we were thrilled to host a webinar that attracted nearly 500 registered professionals from the world of skiing, including coaches, athletes, and sports directors. With up to 260 live participants, the event provided a platform for sharing knowledge and strategies aimed at advancing the competitive edge of athletes and coaches alike.

Featured Presentations:

  • Per Oyvind Torvik: discussed the "Principles of Excellent Skating Skiing Technique", providing a foundational understanding that is crucial for both new and seasoned coaches.

  • Ola Ravald: explored "Skiing Technique and Specific Strength Training", offering insights into how strength training complements technical skill enhancement in skiing.

  • Benedikt Fasel: introduced "Wearable Technology for Measuring Skiing Technique", showcasing how technology can provide precise feedback and improve training outcomes.

  • Matthias Graf: presented on "Applied Skating Skiing Technique Training Supported by Pole Force and Pressure Insole Data", demonstrating the application of biomechanical data in real-world training scenarios.

Looking ahead, don't miss our upcoming webinars:

Join our future sessions to further enhance your coaching skills and support your athletes’ performance!

  • Join us for the IBU Coach Webinar on "Endurance and Strength Training in Biathlon" on the 4th of September 2024, where we will explore comprehensive training techniques that enhance both endurance and strength, key components for biathlon success.

  • Tune into the IBU Athletes Webinar on "Mental Health" on the 10th of September 2024, designed to empower athletes with strategies to maintain and enhance mental well-being in the competitive world of sports. Don't miss this important discussion!

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