IBU Academy First Level Course 2024: Kickoff in Hochfilzen

The IBU Academy launched its 2024/25 First Level Course, bringing together 21 enthusiastic coaches from 21 different National Federations. Held from May 3rd to 8th, 2024, at the World Cup Stadium in Hochfilzen, this initial week of training marked a significant step towards improving biathlon coaching across the globe. The event was made possible thanks to the excellent facilities provided by HSV-Hochfilzen.

The course offered a well-rounded program, concentrating on essential areas of biathlon coaching: skiing technique, shooting technique, and equipment management. Expert lecturers provided in-depth training in each of these areas:

  • Stefan Lindinger led the sessions on skiing technique, sharing his extensive knowledge and expertise to help coaches improve their athletes' performance on the snow.

  • Thorsten Thrän covered the topic of waxing equipment, offering detailed insights into the best practices for preparing skis for competitions.

  • Armin Kasslatter focused on coaches' soft skills, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, leadership, and motivation in coaching.

  • Gerold Sattlecker provided instruction on shooting technique, ensuring that coaches received comprehensive training in this critical aspect of biathlon.

  • Tanja Winterhalder discussed ski equipment, providing practical tips on selecting and maintaining the best gear for athletes.

  • Thomas Wünn addressed rifle equipment, offering valuable guidance on the proper care and handling of biathlon rifles.

  • Lucie Rothauer covered anti-doping measures, educating coaches on the importance of clean sport and the latest regulations and practices in anti-doping.

The coaches received a lot of practical knowledge, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in their roles.

Engaging and Enjoyable Learning Environment

The course was designed to be both educational and enjoyable. The IBU Educators Armin Kasslatter, Ondrej Rybar, and Luca Bormolini delivered well-prepared sessions that were interactive and fun. The positive atmosphere encouraged coaches to share their experiences and learn from each other, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Inspiring Venue

Hosting the course at the Biathlon Stadion Hochfilzen, a prominent World Cup venue, added an inspiring dimension to the training. The nice setting motivated coaches and helped them visualize the competitive paths their athletes could take. The collaboration and interaction among coaches further enhanced their commitment to developing biathlon in their respective countries.

The second and third weeks of this First Level Course are planned in Pokljuka (SLO) in October 2024 and in Jakuszyce (POL) in March 2025.

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