IBU launched its next development support project intending to inspire and encourage kids and youths to practice biathlon by giving them sustainable, safe equipment and a socially positive activities toolkit that can be used across the world. With the 'Biathlon for All' program, IBU supports selected NFs with laser rifle equipment (rifles, targets, supporters, mats) to deliver their action plan for kids' and youths' recruitment and training.

The project requires an NFs action plan approved by IBU and the assignment of a Project Coordinator (PC) responsible for project implementation and reporting during the project duration and after it finishes. IBU may contact the PC at any time during the project duration and request interim reports, photos, and videos. In addition, the PC will be invited to a working group that develops the IBU toolkit for National Federations – Kids’ and Youth's introduction to the biathlon education program through its experience exchange.

For more information about the project International Biathlon Union - Inside IBU Biathlon for All (

More information will be shared during the IBU Development Info Day  Development Info Day 22 March 2023 (

Project applications must be submitted via IBU Scope.

Call for applications: 15th March to 15th April 2023

Duration of projects: 01st June 2023 to 31st March 2024

Biathlon for All 2023 Guidelines

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