Holiday breeze

After a long season, it's time for athletes to relax and enjoy some time off from biathlon. We checked with some of them to see what their holiday plans are. From spending time with family and friends to engaging in water activities under the sun, their plans sound amazing!

Anna Gandler: Dubai first, then Wwindsurfing in Seychelles

"I am going to Dubai and Seychelles. We chose them because I don't want to fly for too long since I always have some problems with long flights. And I have never been so... I am looking forward to some relaxing time and maybe a little bit of windsurfing and the sea.”

Joscha Burkhalter: Exploring the beauty of Thailand

"I love the warm weather after the long winter season. I fell in love with Asia, its friendly people, culture, and especially the food after we discovered Indonesia last year. We spent some days in busy Bangkok and are now traveling to the south of Thailand. Important to us is that we can originally experience Thailand, so we try to avoid the big touristic spots.”

Noora-Kaisa Keranen: Time with loved ones in Finland

"I live in Joensuu, and because I am not here during the winter season, now - the spring months - is the time to spend time with friends. My siblings live in Lappeenranta and Kuopio, so I will visit them also. If I find the time I will do a detour in Hämeenlinna where my parents and childhood friends live.

The best part of holidays in Finland in the spring is the almost limitless amount of light we get (especially on sunny days). Usually, after the season, I am so done with longer travels that spending the time off here suits me the best.”

Vytautas Strolia: Family time in Zell am See

"I am going to Zell am See to spend time with my family and do alpine skiing in Austria. I chose it because I wanted to spend some nice days skiing in the sun. Austria is the closest place with mountains we can travel by car, and my wife and I love it because it is so beautiful.”

Nadia Moser: Home is the place to be

"I'll be home Atlin B.C. and Whitehorse Yukon for most of the time. I am also going to Victoria B.C., where my sister lives."

Rene Zakhna: Need for sun

"I am spending 11 days in Gran Canaria with my family and then six days solo in Valencia. I only need some sun!"

Some of the other plans the athletes have for the holidays

Aita Gasparin: Sweden to ski and Egypt to relax and kitesurf

Regina Ermits: Croatia for trail run 42 km race and then holidays

Cesar Beauvais: South of France and London

Sophie Chauveau: Home and few days in Italy just to find the warm temperatures

Jaakko Ranta: Rhodes for the sun

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