Athlete of the Week: Ruhpolding

The week in Ruhpolding offered some great moments from career bests to returns to the podium. These four athletes definitely earned their spot in the Athlete of the Week vote.

Christiansen returned to the World Cup after skipping Oberhof and took the win in the sprint. Both Giacomel and Brorsson showed some impressive ski speed and took home second places from the sprints. Campbell Wright started his climb towards the top by leading the men's relay at the first leg and then scoring a career-best in the sprint.

  • Tommaso Giacomel (ITA)

  • Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen (NOR)

  • Mona Brorsson (SWE)

  • Campbell Wright (USA)

You have until Monday, 15 January, 18:00 CET to vote.

Photo: Manzoni/IBU

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