Academy Experts meet in Oslo

During the World Cup Final in Oslo, the IBU Academy Expert Group had two meetings to discuss current projects within the IBU Academy like the coach education program, the upcoming seminars, the University cooperations, and others.

In fruitful but critical discussions, the members of the Expert Group talked about the IBU Academy's current and future projects. The main question in all projects was, how to support the National Federations of the IBU in the best way. Among other topics, the coach education program was discussed quite intensively, since the pilot second and third-level courses are coming up in the next few months.

Themes like the educators' education and the mentoring program for the coaches within the IBU coach education were also discussed. The group also debated on topics like the University cooperations, the e-learning platform, the dual-career program, and the topics for the upcoming seminars and webinars.

"We had two fruitful meetings with top experts from different fields and countries. Our experts contributed a lot to our current and future projects", said Gerold Sattlecker, IBU Education Manager.

The IBU Academy Expert Group consists of:

  • Guri Knotten, Director of Swiss Nordic, NF SUI

  • Barbara Petrahn, Secretary General, NF HUN

  • Anaïs Bescond, Former Elite Athlete, NF FRA

  • Matthias Ahrens, Head Coach Alberta Training Center, NF CAN

  • Wolfgang Pichler, Former Head Coach Sweden, GER

  • Bernd Eisenbichler, Former Head of Biathlon USA & Germany, GER

  • Jonas Johansson, Head of Education and Development, NF SWE

  • Knut Kuvas Brevik, Head of Education and Development, NF NOR

  • Marko Laaksonen, Researcher at the Mid Sweden University, FIN

  • Dagmara Gerasimuk, IBU Development Director, POL

  • Gerold Sattlecker, IBU Education Manager, AUT

Please find all members and biographies of the IBU Academy Expert Group here.

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