A world where talent has no gender

From 16-19 June 2022, 17 mentees met within the IBU Mentorship Programme in Salzburg to discuss and learn about topics like leadership, organizational culture, communication skills, and leading a change.

As part of its Gender Equality efforts, the IBU started its Mentorship Programme in partnership with SHESKILLZGLOBAL, which owners believe in a world where talent has no gender. The 8-month programme focuses on mentoring women in management positions within the biathlon family interested in moving forward and taking the next career step.

The programme was launched in November 2021. During the last months, IBU has organized several webinars about creating and maintaining the network, negotiations and communications, and more will come soon. In addition, the mentees work in groups on specific tasks and develop their skills with their IBU and SHESKILLZGLOBAL mentors. From 16 -19 June, we had a chance to meet in person and discuss topics relevant to decision-makers like leadership, organizational culture and communication skills, and leading a change.

In addition to lectures and workshops, we met with EB members and discussed ‘a seat at the table’. Among speakers, we had Guro A. Johnsen and Knut Roppestad – co-owners of SHESKILLZGLOBAL - who coordinated the project with the Development Director Dagmara Gerasimuk - Anne Marion Bouchacourt, Rikka Rakic, Ulrika Oberg, and Arno Fischbacher.

It is the first time to run such a programme in IBU. This year we focused on females in management positions. Next time, we aim to offer the programme to male and female candidates. “It was both an exciting and rewarding experience in developing a leadership mindset and thinking big”, said Dagmara Gerasimuk.

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