Правила паралимпийского биатлона

Правила паралимпийского биатлона

Общие правила

Para Nordic International Competition Rules (ICR)

Rules of the FIS Points and FIS World Cup Points

International Competition Rules - Overview of Amendments

World Cup and Continental Cup Qualification Criteria

World Ski Championships (WSC) Qualification Guide

Equipment Specifications for Para Snow Sports

Percentage List - Season 2022-2023

FIS Points List Publishing Dates 2022-2023

Para Snow Sports Licensing Programme 2022/2023

Паралимпийская классификация

Classification Rules and Regulations - Para Nordic

Classification Rules and Regulations - Overview of Amendments - Para Nordic

Medical Diagnostic Form (MDF) for Athletes with Physical Impairment

Medical Diagnostic Form (MDF) for Athletes with Vision Impairment

Medical Review Request (MRR)

Руководства и справочники

Competition Equipment Registration User Manual

Athlete Registration and Licensing Manual

Para Nordic Homologation Guide

Паралимпийский биатлон

Para Biathlon Operations Manual

Para Biathlon Range and Equipment Certification Manual

Документация по гонкам

FIS Para Nordic Race Invitation TemplateTCM Presentation Template

Cross-Country Relay Examples for Composition of Teams


FIS Expense sheet Para

Athlete Declaration

FPDMS Account Request Form

Break Penalty Application

Injury Report Form