The Biathlon Book Club

The Biathlon Book Club

Are you packing up some books for your summer vacation? Biathlonworld asked biathletes from five different nations to recommend  their favorite books; you might have gotten a first taste with our game earlier this week (if not, before going on, check this out! ). If you are looking for inspiration or just want to know some of the top biathletes a little better, here is what they read when they have time off during the season.

Lisa Vittozzi, Italy

The rising star on the Italian team named the trilogy of crime novels Millenium by Swedish author Stieg Larsson as her favorite books. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is her favorite of the three titles.

“It is a book that makes people think about today's reality and how women are treated. I think it's my suggestion to everyone because it stimulates thinking and, honestly, it keeps you awake all night to keep on reading it!”

Anton Babikov, Russia

The fact that  Babikov is no “common” character is well known by those who follow him on social media. However the first time World Cup winner in Östersund confirms his eclectic personality also when it comes to books, with a collection of three very interesting titles.

1) Spartacus, Raffaello Giovagnoli

“I like this book as I like reading something non-contemporary. The plot is interesting and the writing is beautiful. Just like in many books, there is a love story of that time period”.

2) Narcissus and Goldmund, Hermann Hesse

“This book is about not going on a set way; it’s about looking for your own way. Everybody’s way is different and each person sees differently their goals and goes towards it in a different way. Both the story and the writing are very easy to remember.”

3) Travels. Challenges, Kore Holt

“This is a book about conquering South Pole. This is not a novel, it’s a documentary. In fact, this is the analysis of diaries and other data. Some of it might have been made up, but I liked it a lot how the author described that story. You admire those people who have pushed their limits to the maximum, went through unthinkable tortures for goals that were not defined. It is about their wish to be the first ones to do make something extraordinary to this planet, to discover.”

Kaisa Makarainen, Finland

If you played the game, you probably have seen how we paired Kaisa with her friend's Selina Gasparin's autobiography. The Finnish champion mentioned indeed that book, but in reality she suggested it as part of a genre;  she suggested
genres rather than specific titles to her fans.

1) Detective stories

“Like Jo Nesbø (Norwegian) and Dan Brown. Both of them are really good with story telling and keeping the tension high until the end. At the moment Nesbø is my favorite, cause it's more easy to read... sometimes with Brown's books I need to think too much to follow the story with all the details. But there are a lot of history and interesting facts in his books. In Nesbø's books places like Holmenkollen are cool to follow and of course his name reminds me a bit of Tarjei and Johannes!”

2) Athlete biographies

“My latest one is my friend's Selina Gasparin's book, but it's quite slow for me cause it's in German. But it has been good German lesson for me. I also started some year's ago Björn Ferry's book in Swedish but have not finished it yet! It actually doesn't matter which sport he/she has done / is doing, if I feel that the story could be intresting. I think biathletes should write more books, at least I would read them!”

Eva Puskarcikova, Czech Republic

The young talent on Czech team loves reading, especially detective and historical novels. She loves reading so much that she could not limit her list to just three books. She gave us a whole set of authors.

1) Quo Vadis by Henrik Sienkiewicz

2) Robin Cook

3) Detective stories by Jo Nesbo

“Yes iIlove reading, especially literacture of facts, detective stories and historically stories. One book, who was very strong for me, was Quo Vadis by Henrik Sienkiewicz... next to it, I can't really name any other favourite book, but maybe I can say some authors like Robin Cook and his books from medical surrounding, Jo Nesbo, Lars Kepler, Agatha Christie and their detective books. From Czech authors i like Vlatimil Vondruška, who writes books about Czech history.”

Lisa Hauser, Austria

Hauser hated to read during her school days, but finds herself enjoying doing it now. Here's her top 3 suggestions for anyone who wants inspiration from her when it comes to books:

1) The Chemistry of Death, Simon Beckett

2) Sturz in die Tiefe - Gela Allmann

3) The Life List - Lori Neson Spielman

“For me reading books is a good opportunity to relax after training or stressful days. I like to read before going to sleep. I generally do it in order to calm down a little bit and get a better rest.”

Lukas Hofer, Italy

The Italian says he is more of an action person than a bookworm, yet, when he is captured by a book, he just cannot stop until the story is over. Though he admits that doesn't happen too often; it did a few times, especially with these three books:

1) The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

“The whole story is just a masterpiece, simply my favorite!"

2) The lost Symbol, Dan Brown

“The plot captures immediately and in the way it is written, you just cannot stop reading the next page, until the story is over!"

3)The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collings

“I have to admit I read them because of the movies, which I loved, but the story is captivating and if it makes me read, so it should with you!”

It's now up to you to decide what you want to read and if you let these athletes inspire you for a read under the umbrella on the beach!