Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

Summer 2017 seems to have been good to Simon Schempp. On a rainy September morning, he is smiling, relaxed and looks tan and fit, heading out for 2.5 hours of classic rollerskiing at the Chiemgau Arena, just a week before his annual fall competition tests, the German Championships.

Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

No Reason to Change

Schempp returned to his home in Ruhpolding late the previous evening after a whirlwind 12 hour trip to Hamburg to fulfill part of his obligation to the German Customs Service. The trip ended a couple of easy days after returning from a team camp in Hochfilzen. “We had a really good camp; great weather except for one day of rain…and that was our day off. Our camp schedule was normal this year, nothing new. We go for two weeks and then have 2 weeks of home training. This has worked very well for the past seasons, so no reason to change.”

Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

Injury/Illness-free Summer

For the newly minted 2017 IBU Mass Start World Champion, this has been a good summer, “No illness or major injuries. Of course, you always have some minor things when you train hard, but I really did not miss any time all summer.

Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

Long Day on the Mountain Bike

Cycling is always a big part of Schempp’s summer training; this year was no exception. He recalled a day on his mountain bike with four friends that both challenged and made him smile. “We did a really long tour on the mountain bike here in the Chiemgau region. Our group rode over 170 km and at the end, we had over 4700 meters of climbing, in nine hours. We were on the bike all day. It was a really good day and I was not so tired at the end. I knew at the end that would feel okay and train the next day.”

Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

Autographs, Cold Water and a Happy Guy

With training session number 1 out of the way for the day, Schempp answered a few quick questions about some subjects other than biathlon and the upcoming season.

BW: What is the best thing about Ruhpolding?
SS: The landscape.

BW: Your favorite football player?
SS: Bastian Schweinsteiger

BW: The food you love but you really should not eat?
SS: (with a huge laugh) A Big Mac!

BW: Best for recovery, massage of ice cold water?
SS: Cold water

BW: Favorite holiday destination?
SS: Maldives.

BW: How many autographs did you sign this year?
SS: (another huge laugh)…I never counted how many, but many thousands of autograph cards, or maybe even a bit more!

BW: How many selfies with fans?
SS: I think I signed more autograph cards, but there were a lot of pictures too!

BW: Favorite app on your phone?
SS: WhatsApp

BW: In what sport do you have no talent?
SS: Gymnastics!

Simon Schempp…Summer, Cycling and 10 Quick Questions

BW: Describe yourself in 10 words or less?

SS: Nice guy; a calm guy; honest guy and a happy guy!

Some photos courtesy of Simon Schempp. Watch for our feature story on Simon in the next issue of Biathlonworld Magazine.