Marie Dorin Habert: Family Time at the Shooting Range

Marie Dorin Habert: Family Time at the Shooting Range

It was a busy day for Marie Dorin Habert: two hours plus training at her home stadium in Correncon en Vercors, an hour drive to a sponsor meeting, then back on the shooting range with husband Lois and daughter Adele at 5:30 pm for the last session of the week.

Marie Dorin Habert: Family Time at the Shooting Range

Hot Day on the Golf Cart

Riding up to the range on a golf cart, with the family, Marie’s rifle plus Adele’s bicycle and her doll, Dorin Habert commented, “It is hard doing everything now. Adele is older and needs more of my time and attention, but I am enjoying these days at home, even if they are busy.” On this crystal clear 31 degree Celsius afternoon, the multi World Champion and Olympic medalist, admits, “It is a bit hot; I would like it a bit cooler, but I am just doing some shooting so it will be okay.”

Career Winding Down

Lois pulls out the shooting mat and sets up the paper targets, then realizes the spotting scope is back at the parking lot. He and Adele take off for the 10-minute trip leaving mom to set up her rifle and chat about her life and the new season. “I am looking forward to finding those good feeling this year like I had at the IBU WCH in Oslo. Maybe it is good to have a less successful year like last season (two WCH relay medals and fourth in the World Cup total Score, compared the six medals and second in the Total Score the previous year). I am more hungry; I want to have a good season because the end of my career is getting close. I really will not decide until next April, but this might be my last year. Unlike the younger girls on our team, Anais (Bescond) and I are on the down side of our careers, while Celia Aymonier, Anais Chevalier and Justine Braisaz are now beginning their best years.”

Marie Dorin Habert: Family Time at the Shooting Range

Drills and Adele’s Playground

For twenty minutes, the tanned biathlete goes through one-shot drills on paper as the husband/coach comments on each shot, and carefully checks barrel movement and follow-through on individual shots. At the same time, 3-year old Adele has taken her bicycle about 100 meters away and is playing on the on the sit-up benches and pull-up bars. Suddenly the father sprints towards her; she is hanging on the top bar, having climbed up and now having trouble getting down. “I was looking for her on the ground and suddenly she was up at the top.” Back on the ground, she went back to playing with her doll, as if nothing ever happened. Dorin Habert admits, “She loves coming out here; it is her big playground.”

Mountain Biking and Swimming Pool

Now back to work and four timed five-shot bouts end the session. Lois comments on the session, with a sly smile. “I always tell her the shots were good, but actually they were not! No, actually, it was alright.” Dorin Habert adds, “Sometimes it is good and others not so good. I just did the work in the best way.” That capped the week that was filled with rollerskiing, shooting and riding a new green mountain bike. “We have a lot of nice single track here and I enjoy that much more than road cycling.” The tired French biathlete smiled as she thought about her Saturday off. “I think it will be a family day at the local swimming pool with Adele. Tonight we are going to a music festival, which will be a nice.”

Marie Dorin Habert: Family Time at the Shooting Range

Hotel Project

The annual training camp and the Blink Festivalen in Norway are up next for the French team. August will be a break from team training for Dorin Habert. “Adele starts school in September, so I will train on my own all month and spend a lot of time with her. After that, the season is close.” Driving through the lush golf course back to the parking lot, Lois points to the next part of the couple’s sports career. “We, along partner/ex-cross country skier Robin Duvillard will start building our 56-bed sport hotel over there next month. It will have two and three-bed rooms plus a restaurant and will be perfect for teams coming here to train.”

Marie Dorin Habert: Family Time at the Shooting Range

Every Day is a Good Day

Climbing into the car, with the biathlon gear, toys and bicycle, Dorin Habert is happy and relaxed after her family afternoon at the range. “It was a good day. Actually every day is a good day…I am looking forward to this season. I want to fill it with good memories.”

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