IBU Stars join Anti-Doping initiative #MyMoment

IBU Stars join Anti-Doping initiative #MyMoment

Clean athletes around the world are united in the fight for clean sport. By speak-ing up for the moments they’ve lost and the moments they could earn on a level playing field, these athletes are making sure that the call for clean sport can’t be ignored at any level of sport. #MyMoment campaign was started by winter ath-letes from seven different countries, including some of the IBU’s big names.

"In 2014, I lost my moment to win the medal I earned in front of my family and fans. It only took 19 seconds for my moment to be stolen by doping,« said IBU world champion from Hochfilzen 2017Lowell Bailey who took part in the cam-paign #MyMoment.

"Our team was proclaimed winner of the BMW IBU World Cup Annecy after it was found out the team who won the race failed the doping test. Doping stole our moments of great triumph,« added IBU world champion from Kontiolahti 2015 Erik Lesser.

Photo credits: my-moment.org