Dmitry Malyshko and Karolin Horchler Win IBU Cup Sprints

Dmitry Malyshko and Karolin Horchler Win IBU Cup Sprints

Russia’s Olympic Relay Champion Dmitry Malyshko with one penalty won the men’s sprint at IBU Cup 3 in 24:44.1. Karolin Horchler of Germany won the afternoon women's sprint, with clean shooting in 21:38.5.

Dmitry Malyshko and Karolin Horchler Win IBU Cup Sprints

Men’s Sprint

Malyshko’s teammate Eduard Latypov took his second podium of the season, finishing second with clean shooting, 9.2 seconds back. France’s Emilien Jacquelin finished third with one penalty, 30.4 seconds behind.

Fourth went to Michael Roesch of Belgium with one penalty, missing the podium only by 1.4 seconds. The winner of the 20K individual, Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen of Norway today was fifth with one penalty, 33.5 seconds back. Ukraine’s Dmytro Pidruchnyi despite two mistakes finished sixth, 34.0 seconds behind.

Tight Battle

The second competition day in Obertilliach started with a clear skies, sun, calm wind on the shooting range, and a chilly -9C. Malyshko with a late start number 107 cleaned  prone but missed once in standing, leaving the stadium 6.6 seconds behind Latypov. Giving it all on the last loop, he reduced the gap to 0.1 seconds by the next split time and crossed the finish line in first. Latypov, who was perfect in both shooting stages and was the leader after each stage, could not keep his advantage on the final lap, ending up second. Matching Malyshko on the shooting range, with one penalty after the standing, Jacquelin left the stadium in third, keeping this position until the finish line. Three other athletes in the top six missed the podium just by a few seconds.

Perform Well

After the competition, Malyshko admitted that it was very cold today, but it got warmer when he stepped on the track. He added, “Today on the second loop I understood that I perform pretty well compared to the leaders and that I could gain those seconds.”

Dmitry Malyshko and Karolin Horchler Win IBU Cup Sprints

Women’s Sprint

Behind Horchler, second place in the women’s competition went to France’s Julia Simon who missed once, 6.6 seconds behind. Uliana Kaisheva of Russia with clean shooting took the last podium spot, 14.3 seconds back.

Dmitry Malyshko and Karolin Horchler Win IBU Cup Sprints

Fourth went to Elisa Gasparin who also shot clean, 22.3 seconds behind. Coline Varcin of France hit all targets to become fifth, 27.9 seconds back. Kaisheva’s teammate Valeriia Vasnetcova finished sixth with one penalty, 31.5 seconds back. The winner of the women’s individual Monika Hojnisz, who was perfect at the shooting range in 15K, today missed once to become seventh.

Great Shooter

Horchler, a great shot once again proved her abilities on the range in today’s competition. She cleaned both stages and left for the final lap as the leader. Despite being slower on the track than Simon, she held the advantage to finish first. On the final loop, the young French athlete skied very well, reducing the gap to the German twice but it was not enough to win. Kaisheva, who was only tenth after  prone and fifth after  standing, gave it all on the last leg, crossing the finish line in third.

Second Podium

Horchler, who claimed her second podium in Obertilliach, admitted that she really likes this venue, “It is a very nice place, I really like it. And I am also very satisfied with my shape this week, I feel good.”