Catching Up: IBU Junior Cup Overall Winners

Catching Up: IBU Junior Cup Overall Winners

Myrtille Begue of  France and Russia’s Kirill Streltsov were the big winners in the IBU Junior Cup last season, claiming the women's and men’s overall titles. Despite their success, the two top juniors are now moving on in separate directions.

The two junior superstars had  fantastic 2016-17 seasons in the IBU Junior Cup. Besides winning the overall title, Begue finished second in women’s pursuit, sprint and individual total scores. At the same time,  Streltsov won the men’s sprint, individual total score and ended up second in the total pursuit total score.

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Now they continue their biathlon carriers in separate ways: Begue is still a junior, while Streltsov will have to fight through tough competition with other seniors on the Russian team.


For Begue the overall victory was a positive surprise, although the beginning of Begue's season did not go as planned.

“To be honest, the overall IBU Junior Cup Trophy in 2016-17 was a surprise. It was not a goal for my season."

“The season started very badly. After some poor performances my mindset was: do good shootings and good races without pressure, but with pleasure and it turned out as a wonderful present.”

Streltsov, on the other hand, was happy to end his junior career on a positive note. “I felt like I had proven myself, that the hard training process we had in the preseason was not for nothing. It also helped me psychologically, so overall I am very satisfied.”

Changes and Injuries

Streltsov, the 21-year-old Moscow resident is spending this preseason with Russia’s senior team, which means new coaches, much more work and, unfortunately for Streltsov, injuries too.

“I quickly adapted to the changes, but the start of my preseason was not optimal due to knee injuries. I skipped training camps in August, but beside that everything is going as planned, and I feel like I am in fighting spirit."

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But it was not just hard work; Streltsov revealed that he made time for a holiday trip to Thailand with his girlfriend.

Very Motivated

 Begue is motivated to progress from the last season. Although she admits that she is doing nearly nothing
differently from the last preseason, she still hopes to repeat and improve her last season performance.

“I just work very hard because I really want to realize a beautiful season. I'm very motivated and I want to make progress again in ski as in shooting. My summer was exhausting, but it is necessary for my development I believe. Winter is slowly coming and I look forward to completing on snow again."

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Goals for the Season

Streltsov and Begue have already set their goals for the upcoming season.

“My plan for the season is to start at international competitions, the IBU Cup and maybe at the Open European Championships,' said Streltsov.

Begue stated,“I really want to repeat last season's success by winning the overall IBU Junior Cup. Then I would like to compete in some IBU Cup competitions, if the situation allows it.".