Benedikt Doll: Biathlete ... and Cook

Benedikt Doll: Biathlete ... and Cook

It takes hours of brutal endurance training, tough days in the gym and weeks of committing to a training regimen in the hope that months of preparation will pay off on the one day when it matters most.

For Benedikt Doll, it is fair to say that this day came in Hochfilzen at the 2017 IBU World Championships when the German claimed the title of World Champion in the sprint discipline 8 months ago.

However, a champion isn’t just made on the tracks or at the shooting range. In order to be faster and aim with more precision athletes need to take great care of their bodies as well.

A popular saying goes “You are what you eat" - since it is World Food Day, it makes perfect sense to take a look at Benedikt Doll’s big passion away from the tracks and targets which fits this proverb perfectly.

“My Dad has a lot to do with it - when I was a kid I used to sit down next to the stove whenever he was cooking and watched him. That way I picked up a thing or two," Doll admitted.

Benedikt Doll: Biathlete ... and Cook

Benedikt Doll’s father Charly is a professional cook and used to cook for Olympic teams. With sports and food playing a big role when he grew up, it is no surprise that the 27-year-old followed a similar path. Although biathlon might be priority number one; cooking is almost more than just a hobby for the German biathlete.

In recent decades, nutrition, diets, and food have played a bigger and bigger role in the life of most athletes. Knowing your way around produce, food, and how to transform something into a tasty dish is a great bonus. “It’s a welcome side effect. As an athlete you have to nourish yourself, eat well and you should just know what is good for you and what isn’t," the Sprint World Champion elaborated about one of his big passions.

“In endurance sports you just have to give your body what it needs: nutrients, fibers and so on and the food needs to be wholesome and balanced. That is one of the main reasons why cooking and food is really near and dear to me."

(Photo Credit: Kilian Kern)

As a result, Doll and his father have also set up a blog called “Doll’s Kitchen” which features recipes, background stories wrapped around cooking, biathlon and everything in between.

Over the course of the last season, Doll’s Kitchen featured a recipe for each World Cup, inspired by each stage, whether that’s pasta with reindeer bolognese or dumplings “Semmelknödel” with wild mushrooms. There’s certainly more to come over the course of the next months.

For more on Doll’s kitchen, check out the website or take a look at our Periscope Interview from January in Oberhof where we talked to the 27-year-old about favorites dishes, cooking and more.

(Photo Credit: Tumashev/Nordic Focus)