Recent Results

Season Co. Level Place Rank Penalty
18/19 MS WC Ruhpolding 15. 0
18/19 RL WC Ruhpolding 8.
18/19 SP WC Ruhpolding 31. 0
18/19 RL WC Oberhof 4.
18/19 PU WC Oberhof 17. 1



Sport instructor
married Veronika Moravcova
Zdenek Vitek
SKP Kornspitz Jablonec

Ondřej Moravec is one of the most successful biathletes in the Czech Republic, winning three medals (Pursuit Silver, Mass Start Bronze and Mixed Relay Silver) at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. He also won three medals at the 2015 IBU World Championships (Mixed Relay Gold, 20K Individual Bronze, and Mass Start Silver). That season, he finished with a personal best 6th in the World Cup Total Score. He won another IBU WCH medal at the 2017 WCH in Hochfilzen, claiming Silver in the 20K individual. Although he made his World Cup debut in 2003, most of his success has come since the 2012-13 season and the beginning of the Czech Biathlon renaissance. He calls the 2012 IBU WCH in Ruhpolding and his three top 15 results, “the turning point.” However, the next season he along with Jaroslav Soukup., Veronika Vitkova and Gabriela Koukalová Moravec won the Mixed Relay Bronze medal in their home stadium at Nove Mesto na Moravě; something “no one thought we could do…winning any medal on your home ground is amazing, and we did it.” After a very successful junior career, winning 8 IBU YJWCH medals, Moravec struggled with his shooting in his early days on the World Cup circuit. He started to realize his talent after the 2010 Olympic Winter Games when he changed coaches and most importantly “changed how my mind worked.” The 34-year-old, one of the fastest shots in biathlon says that the key to success for him is “to be consistent and stable on the shooting range.” The fun-loving Letohrad resident is well-known for showing his emotions at the finish line; enjoying every moment of his biathlon success!

My first sport: was football; that and biathlon are the two main choices in my hometown.

My first biathlon: I forgot to load my magazines; I came to prone with no bullets!

The best thing about biathlon is: the excitement on the shooting range

The worst thing about biathlon is: the penalty loop!

Favorite holiday spot: mountains; no question.

Cycling or rollerskiing in summer: cycling.

Ondřej Moravec is…a normal person.