Recent Results

Season Co. Level Place Rank Penalty
17/18 MS WC Tyumen 16. 2
17/18 PU WC Tyumen 14. 3
17/18 SP WC Tyumen 10. 0
17/18 RL WC Oslo 3.
17/18 PU WC Oslo 7. 1



Andrei Kryuchkov
sister athlete Anastasiya Kuzmina SVK
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Anton Shipulin is the biggest star and most consistent performer over the past four seasons for the Russian Team. As a junior competitor, he won four Gold and two silver medals, taking three Gold and a Silver at the 2008 IBU YJWCH. At the World Cup level, he has 31 individual podiums and 20 relay podiums, including eight individual victories. His career highlight came in his home country Sochi Olympic Winter Games, when he anchored the men’s relay team to the Olympic Gold medal. He is known as a determined competitor but is a relaxed, easy-going fun-loving man away from the stadium.

When you were a young boy, your sister was already in biathlon. Did you want to be a biathlete because of her?

I was always hanging around her room waiting for her to leave. I would pull out her rifle and hold it. She would scold me, “The rifle is mine; you are too small.”

Did the birth of your son in December 2015 change your perspective on biathlon?

My family is number one and sport is number two. But I know that to do good things for my family, I need to gain as much as possible from sport. My goal is to be a good father, a good husband and to have good results in biathlon.

You are deeply involved with children in orphanages through your foundation, is it nice to be able to share your success?

I want to share my success and give back. It is very important to help the children, especially orphans. When I was kid, we really did not have much sports equipment, You had to fight for and win it. My parents had to do everything just to get a new pair of skis. After the Vancouver Olympics, I visited some orphanages and realized I need to do something. We provide sports equipment and support. Now, I cannot imagine my life without this.

What do you do to try to get out of a shooting slump?

I try to relax and not over-focus on shooting. Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you; saying that you can shoot better. It comes down to psychology.

What are your three favorite things in life?

My family,fishing and biathlon.